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  • Man and Van

    As simple as it gets - the man and van service! With our simple man with a van service - you can get a quick quote for the amount of man and van you need with ease. Our man with a van service is charged hourly, allowing you to only pay for the amount of hours you need assistance. Brilliant-Removals offers affordable reliability without compromising of quality. 1: Tell us how many man and vans for how many hours 2: Provide your booking details (collection and relocation addresses) 3: Done. Your man and van service is booked. Simple as that! Oh and we don't charge extra for stairs - fantastic! If items are required to be taken up and/or down several stairs, we will recommend another mover to assist for an efficient service as more movers will reduce the timing required and increase the productivity during your move. Our trained man with a van can assist you with the following: •Carrying and lifting all household and office items • Loading and unloading • Furniture disassembly and reassembly • House moving • Flat / Apartment moving • Home organisation • Handy man services ( Man and van pricing: •1 Man and Van: £50 per hour •2 Man and Van: £70 per hour •3 Man and Van: £90 per hour •2 Man and 2 Vans: £110 per hour •3 Man and 2 Vans: £125 per hour •4 Man and 2 Vans: £140 per hour •5 Man and 2 Vans: £160 per hour Availability: • Same day man and van • Short notice man and van • Local man and van • Man and van London • Long distance man and van • Handy man with a van Please note that the minimum booking duration is 2 hours for all bookings. Add on services available (different rates apply); • Packing and unpacking services (from £30 per hour) • Professional cleaning services ( • Rubbish removal (priced per item's or load) • Packing supplies Please be advised we offer full service movers if you require home removals (house removals or flat removals) visit our pages for more details: "" ""

  • Home Removals

    The Complete Move:- Full service options: (Home removals can be booked exactly as you need it) •Full house movers •Flat removals •Apartment removals •Furniture disassembly and reassembly service •Packing and unpacking services •Moving and cleaning •Rubbish disposal •Long distance removals Brilliant Removals offers the complete home removal from start to finish for packers and movers within London (or moving from London). Full house movers (furniture movers, packers and movers, disassembly and providing simplicity and peace of mind. Fully insured professional moving and cleaning. •Flat removals •Apartment removals •Bungalow removals Home removals near you: We offer a simple home removals booking process which can be online or by phone. There will be some questions asked tailored to your move so we can provide you with a personalised removals quote ensuring you only pay for what you need. Requesting made easy with the option to send videos or photos if easier. Full house movers: Full house movers are experienced as packers and movers to move you safely whether moving locally or long distance. Furniture movers for house removals, flat removals, apartment rem and any home removal needed, we can help! Furniture disassembly and reassembly, we provide the full service for house movers. Home removals quote and pricing: Packing per hour: 1 person = £40 2 persons = £55 3 people = £70 Disassembly and reassembly, loading, moving and unloading per hour: 1 Man and 1 Van = £50 2 Man and 1 Van = £70 3 Man and 1 Van = £90 2 Man and 2 Van = £110 3 Man and 2 Vans = £125 4 Man and 2 Vans: =£140 5 Man and 2 Vans: = £160 How we help you moving home: Expert home movers in london, fully prepared for home removals come equipped with some of the industries best equipment and supplies to assist with every aspect of your home move. These include screwdrivers, drills and allen keys when furniture disassembly or reassembly service are requested. From local removals to long distance removals, our home movers are more than ready to move you anywhere you want to go! Home removals quote and pricing: Packing per hour = 1 person: £40 2 persons: £55 3 people: £70 Disassembly and reassembly, loading, moving and unloading per hour = 1 Man and 1 Van: £50 2 Man and 1 Van: £70 3 Man and 1 Van: £90 2 Man and 2 Van: £110 3 Man and 2 Vans: £125 4 Man and 2 Vans: £140 Same rates apply for larger moves* Please note that the minimum booking duration is 2 hours for all bookings.

  • Packing and Unpacking

    Our Packing and Unpacking Services: • Packers only • Unpackers only • Packing and unpacking • Packing boxes available - discounts when booked with moving services. • Movers and packers • Furniture assembly services - (see page for full details) • Expert packers equipped with the essentials for every move Packing and moving: For larger properties where moving and packing services are both required, we always recommend packing to be done the day before moving home. Our skilled flat packers can also take apart items and put them back together in your new home, if required. See our "Assembly and Disassembly" page for more details about furniture movers "". Packing materials are optional. If you have your own moving boxes and moving supplies or would like us to provide them for you is completely up to you! This service is charged hourly, per packer(s): 1 Packer = £40 per hour 2 Packers = £60 per hour 3 Packers: = £80 per hour 4 Packers = £100 per hour If more required, please contact us* Packing Materials: We offer a range of sizes for moving boxes starting from extra small to extra large and wardrobe boxes also to help you pack and move anywhere - or let our packers and movers do it all for you. Brilliant-Removals provide a large selection of packing supplies. Please see our full selection here "". Packing supplies (price per item): (discounts and offers available, see our promotions page for more information) XS box £1.50 S boxes = £3.50 M boxes = £4.50 L boxes = £5.50 XL boxes = £7.50 Wardrobe boxes = £18.00 Bubble wrap = £5.00 - £35.00 Protective wrap = £5.00 - £35.00 Tape roll = £2 Discounted pricing offered when purchased in addition to our packing and unpacking service. All of our pricing includes VAT. If you have any special requirements please let us know when requesting and we will be more than happy to accommodate where possible.

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  • Home New | Brilliant Removals

    From Location To Location Expert moving service in London at lowest-cost. Movers and Packers in LONDON at Lowest Cost (Faster. Stronger. Better.) All Covered. No Hassle. Quick removals quote for all removal services including home removals, house removals, flat removals, office removals, man and van, moving boxes and supplies and furniture disassembly and reassembly service - moving made easy.26 ​ Home Removals Starting from £140* Man and Van Starting from £140* Packers Starting from £80* Rubbish Removal Starting from £150* More Services WHY ARE WE THE BEST REMOVALS COMPANY ? Book Easily Online Schedule when it works for you — as early as today. Choose a mover, pick a date and away you go. Customizable Service Our service is customisable to your needs, with options for loading, unloading, disassembling and assembling. Fully Equipped All our movers come fully equipped with trolleys, blankets, toolboxes, and other necessary equipment. Moving Handled with Care The pristine condition of your possessions is our highest priority, whatever they are and wherever they’re going. 7 Days / Week Custom tailored to meet your requirements on any date and time you wish to move. 100% Customer Satisfaction With over 100 reviews and a 4.6-rating our skilled pros from locations all over London are the best at what they do. HOW OUR TEAM MAKE IT HAPPEN? Brilliant Removal is helping thousands of people like you to find professional movers and packers for your delivery across the London. 1 It's simple and easy to create a request on Brilliant Removals. Describe, add photos and the dimensions of your delivery in your request anything that you think will make a difference, will make a difference. Our platform will reach out to movers relevant to your specification. CREATE YOUR REQUEST 2 Movers may ask you a few more details about your delivery before giving you a quote. Compare prices and get to know movers before accepting their quote by reading previous customer feedback on our platform. Pick your preferred mover and arrange collection and delivery. Arrange Collection and Delivery 3 Prepare your delivery for collection. Meet and greet your chosen mover on your collection day. Sit back and relax while your professional movers takes care of your delivery. Meet and Greet First Name Email GET YOUR FREE REMOVALS QUOTE Home Removals Man and van Packing and unpacking Furniture assembly or disassembly Rubbish disposal Business removals Moving and cleaning Collection Postcode Collection Property Type Choose an option Collection Property Level Choose an option Property Size Choose an option Parking Availability Choose an option Packing and Unpacking Choose an option Packing Supplies Boxes Tape String Bubblewrap Box Fillers Wardrobe Box Sofa Cover Mattress Cover Everything Rubbish Disposal - photos required Rubbish Disposal Recycling Disposal Furniture Disposal Other Disposal (please specify) Garden Furniture Choose an option Last Name Phone Select a date Preferred Time Hours Required (leave empty if not sure) Relocation Postcode Relocation Property Type Choose an option Relocation Property Level Choose an option Man and Van (leave empty if not sure) Man and van choices Lift Availability Choose an option Number of packers (leave empty if not sure) How many packers would you like to help? Furniture Disassembly Service Choose an option List ALL items For Disassembly and Reassembly Please List ALL Items To Be Moved Please add any additional information that may be helpful about your move: Request a Quote Thank you for requesting with Brilliant-Removals! A member of the bookings team will provide you with your personalised quote via email shortly. BLOGS How to Declutter Your Home in One Day With These Essential Tips Insurance ​ Removals Insurance Cover: The Complete Guide 2023 How to Our Step by Step of Moving Your Stuffs at fastest speed Cleaning Top Cleaning Products at Cheapest Price in 2023

  • Terms of Service | Removals Company | Brilliant Removals

    Terms of Service Important information made simple! Please find our our full term's and conditions available here. T&C's ​ Terms of Service: 1.1. “Brilliant-Removals” is the trading name for “”. 1.2. ​By using or “Brilliant-Removals” you agree to all terms and conditions for use of service. 1.3. Terms of service are subject to change without notice as we endeavour to improve our website and services we provide. 1.4. ​ Customers using Brilliant-Removals websites or services must be at least 18 years of age. 1.5. ​ Brilliant-Removals provides removal services for domestic and commercial properties as described on our website. 1.6. ​ Clients’ requesting quotes either online or via phone for booking services – you agree to provide correct and accurate information pertaining to yourself and the services you require. (Brilliant-Removals cannot be responsible for any changes to services or prices where information provided by you has not been accurate, honest, or reliable) 1.7. ​ Quotes provided by us, Brilliant-Removals, offer no guarantee as every will vary and is subject to various factors - each quote is provided with honesty and an estimation based on experience from similar moves. 1.8. ​ Brilliant-Removals has a strict zero-tolerance policy for abuse towards our staff. No form of abuse; verbal or physical will be tolerated and where deemed breached your services will be terminated immediately and your fee will be non-refundable. Quotes and Booking: 2.1. The client is responsible for providing accurate information in full when requesting a quote or booking with us either via phone, email, or our online request form. 2.2. Brilliant-Removals will not be held responsible for any information that is incorrect, inaccurate, or otherwise false. 2.3. The client is responsible for informing us prior to booking of any significantly heavy or weighted items. You will receive a quote in line with health and safety of our staffing and vehicle(s) being used. 2.4. The client is responsible for booking suitable service(s) to include suitable staffing and vehicle(s) required. 2.5. Our drivers will refuse to overload any van provided for services and if any load will exceed the weight limit, further loads will be required to split the weight - any additional time is chargeable to you, the client. 2.6. Our staff will not be expected to lift any significantly heavy items without suitable equipment or supporting staff/person(s) physically able to assist. 2.7. Where packing services are requested and the client provides their own packing supplies, Brilliant-Removals cannot accept responsibility for damages due to quality of packing materials. 2.8. If packing services are not requested, Brilliant-Removals cannot accept responsibility for items inside boxes packed by the client. 2.9. Payments are required in advance, of any booking made with Brilliant-Removals 2.10. Parking is the responsibility of you, the client, when using any of our removal service(s). Please refer to parking section for full details. 2.11. Any break or lunch taken by our staff will not be chargeable, timing will be allocated in addition to your quoted or booked timing. I.e. service total = 8 hours, staff will be allocated for up to 9 hours. Any additional time required for your service is chargeable, discounting any time taken for break or lunch during your service. 2.12. Brilliant-Removals will provide services as described and detailed within our service information or communication with you. 2.13. Booking information will be agreed with our bookings team prior to our team’s arrival. Any changes or subsequent requests that have not been booked or paid for in advance may not be carried out if not feasible. 2.14. For any additional services requested on-site will need to be referred and booked via the office – requiring immediate payment before being carried out. Health and Safety: 3.1. Brilliant-Removals has a duty of care to our staff and their wellbeing. The health and welfare of our staff will always be our priority. This can at any given time affect the services we provide without notice. 3.2. The client is responsible for ensuring any property is compliant with health and safety guidelines within any property our staff are requested too. This includes safe entrance and exit routes for staff. 3.3. The client is responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting of appliance(s) by appropriate person(s). 3.4. Brilliant-Removals operates a zero-tolerance policy for abuse towards our employees, physical or verbal. 3.5. All services will be quoted with consideration of our staff and drivers, this may impact the quote or service you receive. 3.6. Significantly weighted items will from time to time incur restrictions, if the total load weight is expected to exceed the maximum load weight, the driver will refuse to overload any vehicle being used. All loads must comply with healthy and safety regulations alongside any laws attaining to the road or traffic acts. Any such loads will be split into two loads to comply with laws and safety regulations. 3.7. Larger items or significant weight will be disassembled (if feasible) to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our team. Any additional time for such requirements is chargeable to you, the client. 3.8. If larger items or significant weighted items are deemed unsuitable to be , and the appropriate level of staffing has not been allocated, such items will not be lifted or otherwise transported if these are found to be in breach of health and safety regulations. 3.9. Any items that contain pesticides or otherwise classified hazardous materials will not be collected, transported, or removed by us. This is strictly prohibited. 3.10. Injuries to staff members occurring whilst providing services to you, that causes your services to be terminated before the paid duration, you will be refunded partial as reasonable. Parking: 4.1. When booking any service provided by us “Brilliant-Removals”, you “the client” are responsible for securing parking for all services booked. 4.2. Parking must be reserved or allocated both for your collection address and relocation address – if applicable. 4.3. Parking must be suitable for 3.5 Tonne Luton Vans with tail lift, as provided for most of our services. 4.4. Parking must not be in breach of any restrictions; weight, height, or length. Length must be for 2 car spaces to allow for operation of tail lift. 4.5. Parking must not be in breach of any traffic act or road restrictions, not limited to the following; timing, pedestrian zones, red routes, double yellow lines, and others. Refer to local signage or council for further information. Please check before confirming. 4.6. Parking reserved within controlled zone areas require a permit to park “permit holders or resident only parking”. You, the client, are responsible for providing visitors permits or otherwise accepted permits for parking. Payments and Charges: 5.1. Payments are required 7 days in advance for any service(s) requested, where possible. 5.2. Bookings made less than 7 days in advance booked will require payment within 24 hours’ of making the booking. 5.3. Short notice bookings (same day or next day bookings) will require immediate payment within 1 hour of booking. 5.4. Deposit payments of 25% will be applicable for moves where feasible, in-line with our minimum booking policy (25% deposit must total 2 hours or more for that service, fixed pricing will be subject to the same policy). 5.5. Where deposit payment is accepted and paid in advance, the remaining balance of 75% will be due upon our teams’ arrival. 5.6. Brilliant-Removals reserves the right to automatically collect any outstanding payment due or outstanding. 5.7. Services charged hourly are charged as descried, any additional time that is required in addition to time paid for in advance will be chargeable at the hourly rate quoted to you. 5.8. Charges are applicable in increments of 15 minutes. 5.9. For services charged hourly, time will commence on our teams’ arrival at the property address and terminates when all services requested are completed in full. 5.10. The client is responsible for any penalty charges or parking fines that occur for the duration of providing services to you. Cancellations: 6.1. Cancellations made with 7 days’ notice or more will be eligible for a refund in full if payment has been made. 6.2. Cancellations made with notice between 48 hours and 7 days are subject to £50.00 cancellation fee. 6.3. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to £100 cancellation fee. 6.4. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ will be chargeable in full. 6.5. Rescheduling and cancellations are subject to the same conditions, we endeavour to be as accommodating as possible with regards to rescheduling, where possible charges will not be applied if feasible. 6.6. For staffing sickness or inability to attend where we are notified, we will endeavour to provide an alternative member of staff to complete any service scheduled. Short notice replacements will be our priority and any time difference will be accounted for or otherwise compensated when feasible. 6.7. In the event of damage or inability to provide a suitable working vehicle where required for scheduled services we cannot accept responsibility for any cancellation caused due to vehicular breakdowns or fault. 6.8. Services not paid in-line with our payment policy are subject to cancellation. Travel and Delays: 7.1. Brilliant-Removals cannot be held responsible for any delays that occur out of our control. 7.2. Charges commence on our staffs’ arrival. 7.3. Brilliant-Removals cannot be held liable for any delays that occur relating to driving delays, parking difficulties or related delays. 7.4. Brilliant-Removals cannot be held responsible for any delays that occur because of third-party involvement i.e. concierge providing access, obstruction to allocated parking, using shared lift/facilities or related delays. 7.5. Arrival delays will be compensated in time only and not of monetary value. Delays are not eligible for refunds. 7.6. Reasonable delays on arrival do not permit the cancellation of services, once staff has been dispatched refunds are not eligible for delays. 7.7. Quoted time for travelling are estimated based on average distance can be subject to change on the day of service. Estimated driving time can be impacted by vehicle weight, height and width restrictions, traffic delays (or congestion), roadworks, road closures, utility works, incidents and accidents, public transport strikes and other varying factors. 7.8. Travelling in the van with our driver(s) is not permitted. In circumstances where this is permitted in advance, the client will not be permitted to distract the driver, change driving directions, provide judgement and will be expected to comply with health and safety regulations and road traffic acts. 7.9. Brilliant-Removals will not be responsible for any delays from collection address – to postcode address, if applicable. 7.10. Services charged hourly will be chargeable for any delays that are not of cause by our driver(s) or staff(s). 7.11. Services charged hourly are not eligible for any refund if time booked is not used in full. Feedback and Disputes: 8.1. Feedback is welcomed from all of our clients and service users. 8.2. If you use our service(s) you will be contacted by our bookings team to obtain feedback from service(s) provided. All feedback is encouraged, good and bad, as we strive to provide the best service(s) possible. 8.3. Any complaint must be made in writing and sent within 24 hours of service completion. Complaints can be sent to our bookings team via email to: 8.4. Complaints must contain all details of any concern(s) being disputed. Any subsequent change of complaint or additional complaints will not be considered if not detailed in the original complaint. 8.5. Photographic evidence may be required – where feasible. 8.6. Any complaint received within 24 hours of service completion will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours and an official response within 7 working days.

  • FAQ | Removals Company | Brilliant Removals

    Questions and answers to help with HOME REMOVALS and BUSINESS REMOVALS This is Brilliant Removals FAQ page. Moving home? Moving office? Need moving boxes? Need a man and van? Here we have created sections where you will find questions and answers you may find yourself asking when moving home or looking for the best removals company for you. ​ Quick questions Removals quote Moving home checkist How do we make moving home easier? Submit our online request form - we'll give you a fast removals quote personalised to you. Confirm your quote and booking availability Move home - let us do the rest! Removals quote Anchor 1 Removals quotes What should I do when moving home? I need to move out of London, can you help? Most definitely, we offer long distance moves to accommodate moving you anywhere in the UK. Please visit our page for more details Alternatively you could submit our online request form for an accurate quote based on your requirements. Do you provide home moving boxes ? Yes certainly! We offer a range of moving supplies to help with every aspect of moving. Check out our materials page for more information. Remember discounts available when purchased with our services! How do I find home removals near me in London? We're right here! Brilliant removals company providing all types of home moves, for everyone and for all types of property. Moving to London? We can help with that too. How are long distance moves quoted? The only difference to regular moves or local moves is there is an additional fuel charge per mile of £1.50. You are not charged extra for going further, just simply for the time required to do so - we think that's fair! The best way to get an accurate quote is to submit our quick and easy online request form. Our form is designed to ask only the required questions necessary to calculate a personalised quote for you - including any applicable discounts. How do I get a removals quote? It's easy! Complete our online request form for an accurate quote personalised for you. For a rough idea please visit the service page you are interested in for the pricing rates for that service. Does the price include VAT? Yes certainly - all of our prices include VAT. Are there any hidden charges? No, certainly not! Most of our services are charged hourly, as we know from experience every move will vary in many ways, this way each client is charged only for what they require and not a penny more! Do you provide home removals near me? The answer is almost certainly yes. Brilliant Removals provide home removals all across UK. Removals company based in London that can move you and your home anywhere in the uk, including Scotland and Wales (excludes Northern Ireland). House removals, flat removals, storage removals we can move it all! Do I need to have my own boxes? The option is yours entirely. If you would like us to pack and/or unpack for you we can use your own supply of materials or we can provide these, charged additionally. Please visit our page for more details Can you accommodate large and/or difficult moves? Yes of course, our brilliant removal team are able to plan with every move of any size. big small, tricky or bulky, We aim to take the stress away from every move! Do you provide 7.5 Tonne Vans? Currently we do not offer 7.5 tonne vans, however these are classified as HGV and most companies charge a significantly higher rate. Therefore, we can offer our clients to 2 x 3.5 tonne luton vans as an alternative as sometimes this could be the cheaper solution - saving you money! How do I request a quote? Please kindly complete our online request form available on our website's homepage this will ask you for all the relevant details we need to know about your move to provide you with an accurate quote. There is also an option to send photos or videos to help us get a better understanding if needed. Can you provide moving for a full day? Yes definitely, we offer "full day" moving packages and most of our services are provided based on an hourly charge. If your move requires more than 8 hours our team will be happy to complete the move and you will be charged for any additional time required. Is there a limit on how many services can be booked? No, you can pick just one of our brilliant services or as many as you like! Some services put based together will have a discount applied. I need a man and van can you help? As easy as can be! Please call us with your requirements and we can provide the availability, as simple as that! Our online request form also has an option for "man and van" for quick requesting, quicker quotes and easy booking all done online and via email. Removals company - quick questions How do I prepare for moving home? -see our helpful moving checklist below . ​ When should I start looking for removals companies? -approximately 1 month before you start moving ​ How do I find the best removals company near me? -search thoroughly before selecting the removals company best suited to you. ​ Does home removals include packing? -that's completely up to you. Our removals have the option to pack and move or moving only. ​ Are there extra fees for long distance moves? -the only extra fee we charge for long distance movers is a fuel charge calculated per mile. ​ Can I cancel my moving date? -Of course you can. Please be reminded cancellations less than 48 hours are subject to charge. ​ When moving long distance, do I have to pay the return journey? -no you do not. For long distance home movers the only real difference is the additional fuel charge. Other than this your hourly charge begins when our team arrive and finishes only when all of your removal h as been completed. ​ Can you do moving and cleaning for my home? -yes we certainly can and there are discounts for dual bookings too! Is it free to sign up wi th Brilliant Removals? -yes certainly! You can become a member with us for free by registering on the app here "". ​ ​ Packing and moving? Here's an opportunity to highlight company news or a special service you offer in a way that stands out. Click to begin editing and customize the text to your needs. packing and moving services Moving Home Checklist Moving home checkist How do I prepare for moving home? work out what you are moving: create a list. Best for preparation. Considering what (if any) furnishings need to remain in it's current location, which ones will be moving and if items can be disposed of. Consider if furniture requires disassembly or assembly. consider what you will be packing: a full list can be tedious. Our recommendation to create a smaller list of groups i.e glassware, crockery, small ornaments, photos, larger furniture, clothes etc. Larger furniture items like sofa's etc wont be packed, just protected and our removals team can do this for you when loading. consider how will it be best to pack: now you have your group list you can decide what moving supplies and packing materials would be required for these groups. For example protective wrapping for glass / crockery, wardrobe boxes for clothing, box filler for small ornaments etc. You will also have a better idea how many boxes you will need and what size for moving your home. decide if you or the removals team will pack: you can pack for your home removal yourself or request for our expert packers to do so. If you chose too, please remember to pack in the correct order with appropriate protection ready to be moved and transported safely. consider stairs / lift vs size and weight of furniture / items: if you live in a flat you will need to think whether your larger furniture items can fit through your doorways and into the lift safely not exceeding any weight limits. If not furniture disassembly services will be required. Again the option to do this yourself or request for our home removals team to do this. For flat removals and house removals both will need to consider stairways/narrow hallways and if sizeable items will fit. Consider if you need help or not: Now you have a complied list of everything to be planned for when moving. You have the information needed to know whether you can do this yourself or book for a removals company. Remember heavier items will need 2 or more people to assist when carrying to ensure the safety of the person and items both. For most, there is simply too much to do when moving home and decide to leave it to the professionals. That's us! A majority of people choose home removal companies that include packing and moving, along with furniture disassembly services for ease and peace of mind - that's us again! Suitable size van: do you have a van big enough to fit your house removal or do you need more space? Consider when you are moving: the recommendation is to begin to plan a month before you move. Referring to the list above giving yourself time to plan, organise and schedule any removals services required. Removals companies recommend to book in advance to ensure you receive the date and time suitable for you. Brilliant Removals suggest 7 days, though we are able to accommodate all removals requests subject to availability. Book the best removals company for you: You will now have all the information you need to get removals quotes and book the best removal company near you. Probably us again. With us the option is all yours, we can do some or we can do it all!

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