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Brilliant House Removals London

​Brilliant-Removals are a fully insured Packers and Movers company providing an efficient, friendly and reliable service for all type of removals.

Brilliant-Removals aims to provide stress-free house removals in London.
Yes, that’s right, booking our house removals is easy providing flexibility for house movers. 

How much will it cost for Packing and Moving my House in London?
(Estimated moving cost for movers and packers, based on average households, each house move will vary - estimated using hourly rates for packing and moving services)

House Packers


3 - 4 hours
(based on 3 packers)


             £240.00 - £320.00


4 - 5 hours
(based on 3 packers)


£320.00 - £400.00


6 - 7 hours
(based on 3 packers)


£480.00 - £560.00


Please request quote
(video recommended)


All pricing includes VAT

House Movers


3 - 5 hours
(based on 2 movers)


£210.00 - £350.00


3 - 5 hours
(based on 3 movers)


£270.00 - £450.00


4 - 7 hours
(based on 3 movers)


£360.00 - £630.00


Please request quote
(video recommended)


All pricing includes VAT

House removals has a different meaning for every mover and we are here to help all house movers - including full service movers too.

Our house removals service can include house clearance, packers and movers, disassembly and reassembly and packing supplies. Are you looking for a moving house company in London? House removals with us is quick, easy, and fair.

Packing Services - Per Hour

(minimum booking of 2 hours per visit)

1 Packer £40

2 Packers £60

3 Packers £80

4 Packers £100

Our team of House packers and movers have many years of experience in the house removals industry, so you can be rest assured that your items will be handled with the utmost care.

House Movers / Man and Van - Per Hour

(minimum booking of 2 hours per visit)

1 Mover & Van £50

2 Movers & Van £70

3 Movers & Van £90

4 Movers 2 Vans £140

(includes disassembly and reassembly, loading and unloading)

Don’t have the time to plan your house removal? Brilliant-Removals full-service movers can do it all for you, from packing and moving to moving and cleaning, we’ve got experts for it all!

Packers and Movers - Removals Cost

(estimated moving cost for movers and packers, based on average households, each house move will vary - estimated using hourly rates for packing and moving services)

2 Bed House

Approximate cost
£450.00 - £670.00

3 Bed House

Approximate cost
£590.00 - £850.00

4 Bed House

Approximate cost
£840.00 - £1,190.00

5+ Bed House

Approximate cost
(Please enquire)

From requesting your moving quote to the house removal itself, we make it simple and flexible.

You can submit our quick and easy online request form, pop us an email or call us.

Packers Supplies - Per Item

If you need packers, movers, furniture movers or the professional man and van (or two). Reasonable prices, honest quotes, efficient services and reliable movers... we take pride in being a fair and transparent house removal company in London.

Professional house removals offer the following services:

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Disassembly and reassembly

  • Wrapping and unwrapping

  • Loading and unloading

  • Quality packing supplies

Our aim is to make house removals as easy as it can be. Moving house doesn’t need to be stressful, so why make it? We agree.

Our moving company has built its reputation from going the extra mile to make your house removals experience seamless.

How much does it cost for house removals in London? 

Always delivering the best house moving service possible, our house movers will be with you until the end! If moving house seems difficult, Brilliant-Removals will make it easy.

Professional house removal services are suitable for;

• House movers
• Flat movers
• Full-service movers
• Local movers
• Long distance movers
• Packers and movers
• Furniture movers

Professional movers and packers, furniture movers and house movers are all the same - trained to high standards ready to assist with all house moving tasks. Packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly, loading and unloading; it’s all in a day’s work for our house removal team(s).

Smaller houses, larger houses there is no difference to our house movers, each person is prepared to roll their sleeves up and move the busiest of houses.

House removals is perfect for full service movers who wish for everything to be taken care of.  It gets better… we provide house removals every day, 7 days a week from 8am - late. That's correct moving house on the weekend is possible. Our full-service movers are ready to move when you are!

If you choose to book house removals with Brilliant-Removals, experienced house movers will arrive at your property on your moving date, prepared with all the essential tools and equipment needed for your house removal in London. Flat removals or apartment removals are provided alike, see more details for these moves. A moving company that cares, providing house removals from experienced packers and movers offering professional man and van services.

All house removals and business removals are fully insured and licensed to suit all of your house removal requirements, adhering to our strategic checklist leaving you with all of the excitement and none of the stress! Quality packing supplies available discounted when purchased with our packing service is just the start - we can unpack too, disassemble and reassembly all furniture items and even organise the house afterwards too.
All that's left is the rubbish removal, oh and we can take care of that too - all done.

This is what makes us a brilliant, moving company, based across London.

House removals company that doesn’t compromise on quality. Why should we? Specialist removalists with knowledge and experience combined is what makes moving house with us easy. Leave all the heavy lifting and awkward angles to our furniture movers, if furniture needs disassembling and reassembling; our full service movers can do it all for house movers across London.

No extra charge for weekend house removals - bonus!

House movers arrive equipped with house moving essentials, supported by some of the industry’s best equipment and tools. The most essential asset our team provide is experience - that brings with it, techniques to make every move easier. This knowledge means your brilliant movers will handle every part of your house removal with the utmost care, due diligence, and efficiency. From flat removals, house removals to mansion removals our moving company have done it all.

Every move is completed adhering to our strategic checklist which makes the most difficult of moves, effortless. Alongside our fantastic removals team, we provide rubbish removal and professional cleaning too – for those needing moving and cleaning. Simplicity is what makes us a ‘Brilliant’ house removals company.

Pricing is charged hourly and the rate solely depends on the service(s) or amount of movers you require.

House removal services with us are flexible and can be booked as per your request - subject to our minimum booking requirement.

Visit our house movers service page above for full pricing information.

London Congestion Charging Zone is chargeable where applicable.

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