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Rubbish Removal and Disposal

Brilliant-Removals are registered waste carriers holding the correct licence to provide safe rubbish removal in London. 
Brilliant-Removals offers stress-free rubbish removal to households and businesses in London.
Our prices include the cost for removal and proper disposal, we dispose of waste and rubbish correctly and lawfully complying with all waste regulations, legislations and acts. 

How Much Will It Cost For Rubbish Removal?
Larger loads are difficult to calculate accurately without visualising the contents that need removing. Rubbish removal costs differ depending on the type of waste, the weight of the waste, the material of the waste. Photos or a video is required when requesting most types of rubbish removal. 

Rubbish removal quote form
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Thank you for requesting Brilliant-Removals! Our bookings team will provide you with your personalised quote shortly.

Rubbish we CAN remove

Rubbish we CANT remove

Household Furniture

(sofas, beds, wardrobes, tables, display cabinets and more)


(fridge-freezers, ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and more)


(single, double, king, super king, queen and more)

Office Furniture

(chairs, desks, filing cabinets, accessories, electronics and more)


(computers, laptops, tv's, entertainment boxes, gaming consoles and more)

Garden Waste

(trimmed grass, leaves, excess from trimmed bushes and trees and more)

Builders Waste

(construction related rubbish including bricks, plywood, sewage pipes and more)

Food Waste

(any types of food or compost including tinned and more)

Gas Bottles

(gas containers, containers or any other methane, butane or gas products)

Dog / Animal Waste

(we cannot remove any form of dog or animal waste of any kind)

Rubbish removal services can be used for removing all types of unwanted rubbish and waste - recyclable furniture, broken gym equipment, unwanted appliances and damaged items.

Which Materials Can Be Recycled?

Items can only be recycled if they are empty, cleaned, seperated and placed into appropriate bins or places. Most households will have bins that are collected by their local council service and access to free recycling centres.





Rubbish removal and rubbish disposal are different - rubbish removal is for rubbish to be removed from your property and taken to the appropriate disposal centre or station. These centres and stations also charge for the process of items to be recycled or otherwise disposed of as obliged.

Why Use Our Rubbish Removal Services?

Registered Waste Carriers

Save Your Time
and Energy

Simple, Easy and Covenient

Guaranteed Lawful Disposal

 Your rubbish will be collected at a convenient time for you, transferred for disposal locally; taking care of our legal obligations from recording, storing and transferring of your waste lawfully. 

Don't have the time to organise and recycle? Let us remove your rubbish and the stress at the same time. Brilliant-Removals can remove and dispose of your rubbish and waste for you.

Unfortunately without seeing the items it is hard to calculate an accurate quote for rubbish removal, this is why we require a photo or video along with your quote form. 
 Charges For Rubbish Removal?

Cost of Removal

Time and Labour

Cost of Disposal

Transfer Charges 

Cost of Equipment

Safety and Maintenance

Cost of Supplies

Required For Transferring

From requesting your rubbish removal quote to our rubbish removal service itself, we've made every step as easy and simple as possible. Afterall it's rubbish - why the headache? 

You can submit our quick and easy online request form, pop us an email - please remember to attach a photo or video for a quicker quote! 

Rubbish Removal Service Are Suitable For:

  • House clearance

  • Flat clearance

    Garden clearance

  • Office clearance

  • Warehouse clearance

How much does it cost for rubbish removal in London? 
This ultimately depends on the amount and type of rubbish you are throwing away. If you are throwing away large heavy items of furniture, this will usually cost you more than smaller lighter pieces of furniture. 

Brilliant-Removals always deliver the best service possible, the same for rubbish removal. 

Rubbish and Waste We Can Remove:

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Electronics

  • Appliances

  • Mixed Waste

  • General Rubbish

Professional man and van services provide rubbish removal services and they will adhere to all waste regulations and laws, disposing of waste safely and correctly - as we do at Brilliant-Removals. You can be rest assured we do NOT "fly tip" as this is illegal. 

If your rubbish is stored in outdoor areas or exposed to weather conditions you can expect your rubbish removal to cost more as most materials when wet will cost more,  further to this wet and damp items must be stored correctly and will usually require more supplies or "man power" to remove.

If you choose to book your rubbish removal with Brilliant-Removals, you can expect to deal with experienced movers who provide a guarantee that all waste and rubbish is removed and disposed of according to all regulations and guidelines. London's removal company that cares. Providing reasonable rubbish removal quotes, offering services provided from experienced man and van removalists.

As a moving company in London we are fully insured and licenced to carry out all of the removal services we provide from home removals to rubbish removal. Our prices include VAT and all necessary permits, licenses and insurances. 

This is what makes us a brilliant, removals company, serving the whole of London.

Rubbish removal operates with reduced operating times due to access to disposal centres.

London Congestion Charging Zone is chargeable where applicable.

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