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We are a company who offer the full moving service which provides everything you may need when moving your home or business. Our specialised teams are trained from office to field to ensure you have the simplest of moves from booking to transporting  Part of our initiative for a stress free and smooth move we have created a simple booking process which allows you to request what you need, when you need, as you need. 


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Our mission to provide the best of services is not limited to how we offer our services but also how we charge for our services. Here, we believe you should only be charged for what you need. This is why most of our services are charged at an hourly rate to ensure you pay for what you receive and not a penny more. Understanding we have a duty to our employee's and their wellbeing not only physically but financially too - this is the main reason we operate with minimum booking requirements on our services. For other services that are not solely charged hourly such as rubbish disposal, they are charged by " usage" meaning you pay the charge required for such disposals, the only fee we charge is for our time - again, at an hourly rate for our time and services.  

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We operate in and around London in the United Kingdom, providing moving service all across the UK. Brilliant-Removals are happy to move you anywhere within the UK. Going the extra mile, we literally do! Moving those of you who are moving into London too! For us it does not matter where you are in the UK, we are happy to bring you to London if you are happy to pay for our time - we believe in honesty and reliability. 

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