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Packing and Unpacking

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Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking
From £21.50 per person, per hour from 2 hours - 12 hours.
Packing and Unpacking

Fully insured moving company offering full-service movers including packing and unpacking. Home removal services provided by experienced movers and packers trained to wrap and pack the most delicate of items.


Packing and Unpacking
Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking

Brilliant-Removals are fully insured moving company providing an efficient, friendly and reliable service.
Our team of experts have many years of experience in the removals industry, so you can be rest assured that your items will be handled with the utmost care.


Fully insured

VAT included

Movers and packers are ready to pack your home and move you from London to anywhere in the UK.

Packing and unpacking – somewhat the biggest stress when moving home. Finding good quality packing materials, the correct size boxes, how many boxes, how to pack the box, how to pack the furniture. How can Brilliant-Removals help? In every way.

Check out our suggestions for wrapping and packing below.

You could leave it all to the professionals and let our packers and movers take care of it all. Our moving company has everything to help you when moving home including packing and unpacking services provided by expert movers and packers with experience and techniques to wrap and pack the smallest, largest and most difficult of furniture and items. Full service movers are organised and efficient packing and moving your home all in one day, from start to finish – where feasible. Larger properties will need packers to attend the day before moving to accommodate larger or long distance packers and movers.

High quality moving supplies are available upon request - discounted when requested in addition to our packing and unpacking service(s). FREE supplies are also provided when purchasing other supplies – see our promotional page for more details. Perfect for saving full house movers money who use removal companies.

Moving boxes and moving supplies are very important as picking the best moving supplies for your possessions to ensure your property, furniture and belongings receive the best protection possible before they begin their journey to their new home. If you are moving long distance it is recommended to use extra protection for extra peace of mind. Full service movers can be assured with us, as we offer high quality moving supplies from strong moving boxes to protective wrapping that will keep your items safe from London to Scotland.

Our recommendation to pack brilliantly relies on the most important part – choosing the appropriate packing supplies for the products and furniture you have. Our extensive range of supplies can help with the most delicate and fragile of items, as well as those larger more complex shaped items. Brilliant packers and movers have the experience to choose the correct supplies and knowledge how to pack each box efficiently and safely to protect what’s packed when being loaded into the van for transporting.

Packing supplies include;
• Moving Boxes (from XS to XL)
• Wardrobe Boxes - suitable for keeping clothes in neat and tidy condition or for those precious wardrobe pieces that must be protected or simply cannot be folded
• Protective Wrapping - great for glasses, cups, cutlery and crockery and other glass objects
• Box Fillers - perfect for filling boxes that contain glass or delicate items to prevent them rattling or cracking due to empty space
• Bubble-wrap - the go to protector for those house
• Packaging tape - essential for every move (FREE if you purchase boxes)
• Protective Blankets
• Sofa Covers (armchair to corner sofas)
• Chair Covers (single to large)
• Mattress Covers (single to super king)

If you choose to allow us to plan your packing and moving service from start to finish, this is what you can expect to receive from our packers and movers on the day.

Assessing: our team always start by assessing all requirements for you move before strategically planning each step with due diligence.
Packing: packing carefully taking into consideration the capacity of each box and the contents inside will be packed with care, ready to be transported safely inside loaded van(s) whether it’s for local movers or long distance movers, every load is safe with us. Larger items will be wrapped with furniture blankets for the duration of the move for extra protection and prevention of scratching. These blankets are free to use for moving and can be purchased if wish to be kept by you.
Disassembly: removalists that dismantle furniture are experienced in full house removals, disassembling all types of furniture ready to be wrapped carefully and packed safely into the van.
Loading: each box and item will be strategically placed into van(s) planning for other items to be placed on top or around it safely for the whole duration. Larger items are strapped into place to prevent moving and damage during transport. Our movers will refuse to overload or exceed the maximum weight or capacity of the vehicle provided for any service(s), our drivers will always put health and safety first ensuring to comply with any laws, regulations, or traffic acts in place.  
Transporting: experienced drivers are provided for all our removal services as driving safely is imperative to safety of the roads and the transportation of furniture and goods alike. Providing ULEZ compliant van to be economically friendly and we believe our drivers should be too.
Unloading: just as important as packing and loading. If drivers do not take care unloading there is still risk of damage, which our movers do not chance. Packers and movers are full-service movers, taking care from start to finish.
Reassembly: reassembling of furniture can be trickier that disassembling and this is why most people leave it to the experts. Brilliant removalists can reassemble wardrobes, display cabinets, sofas, tables, chairs, desks and any other household or office furniture.
packers and unpackers open and unwrap all boxes and furniture ready to be organised within your new home. Unpacked boxes will be flat packed and excess rubbish (or waste) will be bagged, stored neatly and left in any appropriate rubbish containers or areas - that’s all the hard work done. Our service price does not include rubbish removal or recycling; however, this can be requested in addition.
Home organising: if requested our movers and packers will be happy to assist you with organising items around the home such as furniture taken upstairs or into different rooms. Unpacking smaller items and placing them into selected areas by you for that homely feel. Once everything is done and our team leave all that’ left to do is put your feet up and enjoy!
Rubbish/Furniture Removal:

This service is charged separately as a “one-off” or “fixed price” which will include charges from the disposal centre itself and a small charge for our time and transportation. Rubbish removal is carried out by professionals who hold the correct licenses to remove as requested.
Moving in cleaning and moving out cleaning: (moving and cleaning) is also available upon request. Professional cleaning services provided by Brilliant-Cleaner, who we work in partnership with to provide our home movers stress-free home removals from start to finish.

"Professional REMOVAL Services from Brilliant Removals"

Flexibility with our packing and unpacking services includes:
•Packing only
•Unpacking only
•Packing and unpacking
•Packing and moving
•Moving and unpacking

Movers and packers are also trained in;
•Disassembling and reassembling
•Dismounting and remounting

Looking for a moving company that can help with packing and moving? You’ve found us. Brilliant-Removals provide packing and unpacking service to home movers across London. Discounts applicable for booking additional services.

Brilliant-Removals aim's to be as fair as possible, we charge you for our time and any materials requested.

Brilliant's expert movers and packers are professionals trained to skilfully pack the whole property from the smallest to the largest, lightest to heaviest of items. Each packer and mover work with care using planned methods from the beginning to provide the best of packing and moving services.

Pricing is charged hourly and the rate depends on the amount of packers you require. The only additional charge is for packing supplies if these are requested.
Packing and moving with us is flexible and can be booked as per your request - subject to our minimum booking requirement.
London Congestion Charging Zone is chargeable where applicable.

Get your free personalised packing and moving quote (including any promotional discounts currently on offer) from your trusted London based moving company.

Packing and Unpacking

Did you know we're currently offering up to 15% off home removal services?

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