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Local Move

Did you know we're currently offering up to 15% off home removal services?

Local Move

Local Move
From £21.50 per person, per hour from 2 hours - 12 hours.
Local Move

Fully insured removals company offering the full-service complete local move for local movers in London provided by experienced movers and packers.


Local Move
Local Move

Local Move

Brilliant-Removals are fully insured moving company providing an efficient, friendly and reliable service.
Our team of experts have many years of experience in the removals industry, so you can be rest assured that your items will be handled with the utmost care.


Fully insured

VAT included

Local movers in London may be moving close, though this  only reduces the travel time, not the stresses from moving home itself. Brilliant-Removals provides stress free local home removals for all home to home movers in London. Local removal companies can offer you simplicity and ease, as do we, another way we can reduce our charges to you, only charging you for the time taken by our team to complete your local home removals.

Our moving company can provide you reassurance with local removals - we are insured, trusted and local. Brilliant-Remoavls local house movers can do it all.

If you choose to book local house removals with Brilliant-Removals, professional house movers will arrive at your property on the date agreed, equipped with all the essential tools and equipment needed for your local house removal. Fully insured local removals assisting with all home moves including house removals, flat removals, or apartment removals. Yes, we are prepared for any stairs involved whether you are on the first floor or the 21st floor, our team is on hand to help. Let our professional packers and movers plan your local home removal from start to finish.

A removals company that cares, providing local removals is not amelways as easy because it is close. Experienced removal services by r expert movers, or otherwise your go to man and van service. All removal services fully insured and licensed to suit all of your home removal requirements adhering to our strategic checklist leaving you with all of the excitement and none of the stress! Quality packing supplies available discounted when purchased with our packing service is just the start - we can unpack too, disassemble and reassembly all furniture items and even organise the home afterwards too. All that's left is the rubbish removal, oh and we can take care of that too - done. This is makes us a brilliant removal company.

Moving house locally with Brilliant-Removals is not only easy but gives you peace of mind. Local home movers, even if moving close there is still lots to organise; your new home, packing the smaller items, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and then there’s the moving itself. Once you’re in there is still unpacking, reassembling, organising your new home to be done – or you could leave it to the professionals. Local removals can be as stressful as moving long distance if you book with other removal companies as most do not provide full service movers, our removal company does. This is what makes local house removals easy with Brilliant-Removals.

Get your free personalised local home removal quote (including any promotional discounts currently on offer) from your trusted London based local removals company.

• Local home movers 

• Local house movers 

• Local flat removals 

• Local apartment removals

• Local garage moves 

• Local office moves 

• Local storage drops 

• Local relocations 

• Street to street moving 

• London borough to borough moving 

Local home removals is considered within 10 miles from postcode to postcode (London based only)

"Professional REMOVAL Services from Brilliant Removals"

Brilliant-Removals local home movers are skilfully trained to assist you with local home removals from start to finish - if you need. Professional packers and movers, yet friendly and flexible to offer you the most from your local moving company.

How can you save money when moving home? This is the question many of us have when looking for removal companies and we have the answer... save money moving with Brilliant-Removals! 

Our moving company finds every way we can to save you money and this is not limited to the service itself. Moving home has many factors to consider and we aim to help you save money in every way. 

Here's some ways we help reduce costs yet still providing professional removal services from a moving company that is fully insured and flexible; 

• Fair, honest home removal costs in London 

• VAT inclusive 

• Hourly rate for local home removals

• Fuel included for Local movers within 10 miles 

• Up to 10% off home removals when booked with packing and unpacking services 

• Up to 10% off moving and cleaning 

• FREE* moving boxes when booking our packing service 

• Discounted moving boxes and supplies (if they are not free) • We don't charge extra for stairs 

• We don't charge for ULEZ 

• We don't charge for our drivers journey to you 

• We don't charge for our drivers journey home

Other way's you will save money by using our moving company; 

• Renting van or appropriate vehicles' - these often have many charges involved (deposit, use of the van, insurance, administration fee and any fuel or other charges) 

• Fuel charges (if you don't leave enough in the rental van and often you have to put more to be sure) 

• Storage fees - if you need to store your items due to delays with exchanging home or transporting issues 

• Rubbish removal (if required) as we provide this too it saves you money using another service 

• Cleaning - as we offer this too you can save when making a duel booking There will be other ways you will also save money during your move with us.

• The moving itself - save yourself the hard work of heavy lfiting, sore hands, long days and the time needed. 

Our helpful bookings team will likely be your first contact with us and they are also trained to obtain essential details for your moving requirements. This is to ensure you receive the correct service for you and giving you the best value for money - saving you money where possible! Always research when moving and choose the right removal company for you and your house move. Brilliant local home movers will be ready on moving day to help you with all your home removal requirements that you have booked, these can include professional packers and movers or furniture disassembly and/or assembly or if you simply need a few items moving around or relocating within your home.

Pricing is charged hourly and the rate solely depends on the service(s) or the amount of movers you require.

Local moves with us are flexible and can be booked as per your request - subject to our minimum booking requirement.

This comes with the reminder that any extra time that may be required is chargeable at the hourly rate provided.

Brilliant-Removals aim's to be as fair as possible, we charge you for our time and any materials required (if requested) and that's it. No charges for our equipment or tools as these are carried by all handy men to perform tasks with care and ease!

Visit our local moving service page above for full pricing information.

London Congestion Charging Zone is chargeable where applicable. Sorry! This will be added to your quote and you will be aware in advance.

Local Move

Did you know we're currently offering up to 15% off home removal services?

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